2004 Awning Size Chart

Please note: quoted sizes are a guide only (these are mostly what is quoted by the manufacturer). Canvaslove will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies. If your caravan is not on this list or you have any questions please email or call me.


Aventura 312 822cm
Aventura 315 888cm
Aventura 316 931cm
Aventura 318 962cm
Aventura 319 944cm
Aventura 320 944cm
Aventura 325 944cm
Aventura 330 979cm

GTS Vogue 215 882cm
GTS Vogue 216 882cm
GTS Vogue 217 882cm
GTS Vogue 415 962cm
GTS Vogue 416 943cm
GTS Vogue 417 943cm
GTS Vogue 418 962cm
GTS Vogue 420 962cm
GTS Vogue 516 962cm
GTS Vogue 517 962cm

Spectrum 419 1000cm
Spectrum 520 1050cm
Spectrum 535 1050cm
Spectrum 540 1050cm
Spectrum 620 1050cm


Jubilee Diplomat 841cm
Jubilee Ambassador 888cm
Jubilee Envoy 895cm
Jubilee Viceroy 934cm
Jubilee Globetrotter 944cm
Jubilee Herald 944cm
Jubilee Statesman 960cm
Jubilee Courier 971cm
Jubilee Equerry 1048cm

Award Brightstar 882cm
Award Dawnstar 882cm
Award Morningstar 943cm
Award Transtar 943cm
Award Northstar 962cm
Award Tristar 962cm
Award Nightstar 962cm

Supreme Superstar 1050cm
Supreme Twinstar 1050cm
Supreme Sunstar 1050cm


Dart 380/2 775cm
Dart 510/5 907cm
Dart 556/6 942cm

Bianco 54 968cm
Bianco 55 968cm

Argente 390/2 787cm
Argente 480/2 872cm
Argente 530/5 927cm
Argente 550/4 942cm
Argente 555/4 942cm
Argente 640/6 1045cm
Argente 642/4 1045cm
Argente 650/6 1045cm
Argente 655/4 1045cm

Avocet 852cm
Osprey 920cm
Eagle 920cm

Landranger 6400 1042cm


Discovery 100 876cm
Discovery 200 894cm
Discovery 300 894cm
Discovery 400 937cm

Ranger 380/2 796cm
Ranger 460/2 875cm
Ranger 470/2 896cm
Ranger 500/5 941cm
Ranger 510/4 941cm
Ranger 550/6 976cm

Pageant Majestic 831cm
Pageant Monarch 892cm
Pageant Auvergne 942cm
Pageant Champagne 942cm
Pageant Bordeaux 942cm
Pageant Moselle 942cm
Pageant Loire 942cm
Pageant Vendee 967cm
Pageant Provence 967cm

Pageant Series 5 Monarch 914cm
Pageant Series 5 Normandie 914cm
Pageant Series 5 Bordeaux 965cm
Pageant Series 5 Champagne 965cm
Pageant Series 5 Moselle 965cm
Pageant Series 5 Auvergne 965cm
Pageant Series 5 Vendee 996cm
Pageant Series 5 Burgundy 996cm
Pageant Series 5 Provence 996cm
Pageant Series 5 Bretagne 996cm

Senator Vermont 907cm
Senator Arizona 967cm
Senator Oklahoma 967cm
Senator Wyoming 1042cm
Senator Carolina 1042cm


Cameo 495SL 942cm
Cameo 525SL 969cm
Cameo 550GL 1018cm
Cameo 625GL 1068cm


Elan 14 856cm
Elan 15 907cm
Caribbean 950cm
Argosy 970cm
Caravel 1050cm
Schooner 1050cm


Amara 380/2 815cm
Amara 450/2 888cm
Amara 500/5 941cm
Amara 520/4 968cm
Amara 530/4 971cm
Amara 580/4 1008cm

Pastiche 420/2 875cm
Pastiche 460/2 920cm
Pastiche 470/2 935cm
Pastiche 520/4 995cm
Pastiche 530/4 995cm
Pastiche 540/4 995cm

Laser 590/4 1037cm
Laser 590/5 1037cm

VIP 460/2 920cm
VIP 520/4 995cm
VIP 530/4 995cm


Corona 362 775cm
Corona 475 860cm
Corona 482 880cm
Corona 505 907cm
Corona 524 930cm
Corona 534 960cm
Corona 630 1030cm

Omega 432 856cm
Omega 482 900cm
Omega 505 950cm
Omega 524 950cm
Omega 534 970cm

Rallye 432 856cm
Rallye 482 900cm
Rallye 524 950cm
Rallye 534 970cm
Rallye 634 1045cm
Rallye 635 1045cm
Rallye 640 1045cm


Avante 362 775cm
Avante 475 860cm
Avante 482 880cm
Avante 505 907cm
Avante 524 930cm
Avante 534 960cm
Avante 636 1030cm

Odyssey 432 856cm
Odyssey 482 900cm
Odyssey 505 950cm
Odyssey 524 950cm
Odyssey 534 970cm

Crusader Whirlwind 856cm
Crusader Hurricane 900cm
Crusader Typhoon 950cm
Crusader Aurora 970cm
Crusader Sirocco 1045cm
Crusader Super Sirocco 1045cm
Crusader Storm 1045cm
Crusader Superstorm 1045cm


Sonata Nocturne 970cm
Sonata Rhapsody 980cm
Sonata Melody 980cm
Sonata Prelude 980cm

Colchester 380/2 825cm
Colchester 420/2 880cm
Colchester 470/2 880cm
Colchester 520/4 925cm
Colchester 560/4 995cm

Volante 420/2 880cm
Volante 520/4 925cm
Volante 560/4 995cm

Heritage 640 (all versions) 1060cm


Holiday 460 905cm
Holiday 500 950cm
Holiday 560 1005cm


LV485 925cm
LV535 975cm
LV550 1002cm
LV555 1002cm
LV640 1045cm


Chateau 400 850cm
Chateau 430 875cm
Chateau 450 875cm
Chateau 470 905cm
Chateau 500 950cm

Ariva GTS 804cm

Zenith Sport 839cm
Zenith Four 875cm
Zenith Five 950cm
Zenith Six 1000cm

Quasar 462 890cm
Quasar EB 930cm
Quasar 524 940cm
Quasar 525 940cm
Quasar 615 1030cm

Stellar 839cm

Lexon EB 970cm
Lexon ES 970cm
Lexon CS 990cm
Lexon FB 1055cm
Lexon EW 1055cm
Lexon 640 1055cm

Clubman 470/2 895cm
Clubman 475CK 895cm
Clubman 530/4 950cm

Delta 540/2 960cm
Delta 620/4 1045cm
Delta 640EW 1055cm


Europa 390 822cm
Europa 460 888cm
Europa 490 962cm
Europa 495 942cm
Europa 500 934cm
Europa 520 942cm
Europa 525 942cm
Europa 540 971cm

Eccles Amber 888cm
Eccles Diamond 888cm
Eccles Topaz 888cm
Eccles Emerald 942cm
Eccles Moonstone 942cm
Eccles Amethyst 968cm
Eccles Jewel 968cm
Eccles Onyx 968cm
Eccles Opal 968cm
Eccles Sapphire 968cm

Eccles Elite Overlander 1008cm
Eccles Elite Wayfarer 1050cm
Eccles Elite Searcher 1050cm
Eccles Elite Explorer 1050cm
Eccles Elite Trekker 1050cm


Charisma 220 817cm
Charisma 230 884cm
Charisma 235 893cm
Charisma 540 926cm
Charisma 545 926cm
Charisma 550 932cm
Charisma 560 942cm
Charisma 570 971cm

Challenger 460 888cm
Challenger 470 888cm
Challenger 480 888cm
Challenger 490 963cm
Challenger 500 963cm
Challenger 520 943cm
Challenger 530 943cm
Challenger 550 963cm

Conqueror 580 1008cm
Conqueror 630 1050cm
Conqueror 645 1050cm
Conqueror 650 1050cm
Conqueror 655 1050cm