2014 Awning Size Chart

Please note: quoted sizes are a guide only (these are mostly what is quoted by the manufacturer). Canvaslove will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies. If your caravan is not on this list or you have any questions please email or call me.

AS Caravans

Kensington 979cm
Mayfair 979cm
Grosvenor 915cm
Westminster 979cm


Pursuit 400/2 843cm
Pursuit 430/4 955cm
Pursuit 530/4 1045cm
Pursuit 540/5 1045cm
Pursuit 550/4 1045cm
Pursuit 560/5 1045cm

Pegasus GT65 Genoa 940cm
Pegasus GT65 Verona 1045cm
Pegasus GT65 Ancona 1045cm
Pegasus GT65 Rimini 1048cm
Pegasus GT65 Bologna 1093cm
Pegasus GT65 Turin 1093cm

Retreat Willow 1168cm
Retreat Sycamore 1168cm

Unicorn Seville 953cm
Unicorn Madrid 1020cm
Unicorn Valencia 1045cm
Unicorn Cadiz 1045cm
Unicorn Vigo 1045cm
Unicorn Barcelona 1093cm
Unicorn Cartagena 1093cm
Unicorn Cordoba 1093cm


Fluyt 1030cm
Clipper 1075cm
Caravel 1075cm
Schooner 1075cm


Vision 380/2 840cm
Vision 450/2 900cm
Vision 520/4 975cm
Vision 560/4 1005cm
Vision 565/4 1015cm
Vision 570/6 1015cm
Vision 580/5 1015cm
Vision 640/6 1045cm

Pastiche 460/2 938cm
Pastiche 520/2 1004cm
Pastiche 525/4 1038cm
Pastiche 545/4 1038cm
Pastiche 560/4 1038cm
Pastiche 565/4 1038cm

Laser 620/4 1070cm
Laser 640/4 1070cm

VIP 460/2 938cm
VIP 520/4 1004cm
VIP 545/4 1038cm
VIP 560/4 1038cm
VIP 565/4 1038cm


Corona 462 910cm
Corona 540 1015cm
Corona 576 1015cm
Corona 574 1015cm

Omega 482 928cm
Omega 540 1015cm
Omega 550 1015cm
Omega 574 1010cm

Rallye 554 1030cm
Rallye 574 1030cm
Rallye 634 1075cm
Rallye 644 1075cm


Xplore 304 825cm
Xplore 402 873cm
Xplore 504 990cm
Xplore 530 950cm
Xplore 574 990cm

Avante 462 910cm
Avante 515 1005cm
Avante 540 1015cm
Avante 550 1015cm
Avante 574 1015cm
Avante 576 1015cm
Avante 636 1065cm

Affinity 482 928cm
Affinity 530 1005cm
Affinity 540 1015cm
Affinity 550 1015cm
Affinity 574 1010cm

Crusader Shamal 1030cm
Crusader Mistral 1030cm
Crusader Super Sirocco 1075cm
Crusader Super Cyclone 1075cm
Crusader Storm 1075cm
Crusader Superstorm 1075cm
Crusader Tempest 1075cm


Ariva 790cm

Quasar 462 910cm
Quasar 524 970cm
Quasar 534 980cm
Quasar 544 1010cm
Quasar 546 1025cm
Quasar 554 1010cm
Quasar 564 1010cm

Stellar 880cm

Lexon 470 925cm
Lexon 540 1040cm
Lexon 560 1040cm
Lexon 640 1090cm

Clubman CK 930cm
Clubman ES 1010cm
Clubman SB 1035cm
Clubman SE 1035cm
Clubman SI 1030cm

Delta RS 1090cm
Delta TI 1090cm

Venus 380/2 850cm
Venus 490/4 980cm
Venus 500/4 980cm


Alpine 2 873cm
Alpine 4 914cm
Major 4 968cm
Major 4 FB 968cm
Major 6 999cm
Major 6 TD 1022cm
Quattro FB 1066cm
Quattro EW 1066cm


Eccles Sport 442 879cm
Eccles Sport 514 962cm
Eccles Sport 554 999cm
Eccles Sport 584 1022cm
Eccles Sport 586 1022cm
Eccles Sport 640 1066cm

Eccles Topaz 877cm
Eccles Moonstone 965cm
Eccles Solitaire 996cm
Eccles Ruby 996cm
Eccles Quartz 1019cm
Eccles Amethyst 1064cm
Eccles Coral 1064cm
Eccles Wayfarer 1064cm

Elite Amber 998cm
Elite Searcher 1065cm
Elite Explorer 1065cm


Challenger Sport 442 879cm
Challenger Sport 514 962cm
Challenger Sport 524 968cm
Challenger Sport 544 999cm
Challenger Sport 554 999cm
Challenger Sport 564 999cm
Challenger Sport 584 1022cm
Challenger Sport 586 1022cm
Challenger Sport 636 1066cm
Challenger Sport 640 1066cm

Challenger 480 877cm
Challenger 530 965cm
Challenger 565 996cm
Challenger 570 996cm
Challenger 580 1019cm
Challenger 590 1064cm
Challenger 620 1064cm
Challenger 625 1064cm
Challenger 630 1064cm
Challenger 645 1064cm

Conqueror 480 912cm
Conqueror 530 988cm
Conqueror 565 998cm
Conqueror 570 998cm
Conqueror 630 1065cm
Conqueror 645 1065cm