2020 Awning Size Chart

Please note: quoted sizes are a guide only (these are mostly what is quoted by the manufacturer). Canvaslove will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies. If your caravan is not on this list or you have any questions please email or call me.


Altea Aire 945cm
Altea Tyne 1072cm
Altea Avon 1077cm
Altea Dart 1077cm

Adora Seine 1072cm
Adora Sava 1072cm
Adora Isonzo 1072cm
Adora Thames 1072cm

Alpina Colorado 1078cm
Alpina Mississippi 1078cm


Phoenix 420 857cm
Phoenix 440 995cm
Phoenix 640 1035cm
Phoenix 642 1035cm
Phoenix 644 1035cm
Phoenix 650 1035cm
Phoenix 760 1079cm

Pegasus Grande Rimini  1033cm
Pegasus Grande Brindisi 1033cm
Pegasus Grande Bologna 1077cm
Pegasus Grande Messina1077cm
Pegasus Grande Turin 1077cm
Pegasus Grande Palermo 1077cm

Unicorn Black Merida 917cm
Unicorn Black Valencia 1040cm
Unicorn Black Cadiz 1040cm
Unicorn Black Vigo 1040cm
Unicorn Black Cabrera 1040cm
Unicorn Black Pamplona 1082cm
Unicorn Black Cartagena 1082cm

Alicanto Grande Sintra 1031cm
Alicanto Grand Estoril 1031cm
Alicanto Grand Porto 1083cm


Cruiser 1090cm
Clipper 1090cm
Commodore 1090cm
Aruba 1090cm
Barracuda 1090cm


Antares 335 778cm
Antares 406 828cm
Antares 455 918cm
Antares 480 1008cm
Antares 485 1008cm
Antares 496 968cm


Acadia 460 900cm
Acadia 470 TBC
Acadia 520 965cm
Acadia 545 1014cm
Acadia 565 1007cm
Acadia 575 1014cm
Acadia 580 TBC
Acadia 630 TBC
Acadia 675 TBC
Acadia 860 TBC

VIP 460 900cm
VIP 520 967cm
VIP 545 1005cm
VIP 565 999cm
VIP 575 1005cm

Laser 650 1051cm
Laser 665 1051cm
Laser 675 1051cm

Laser Xcel 850 1051cm
Laser Xcel 865 1051cm


Casita 454 975cm
Casita 550 1030cm
Casita 554 1025cm
Casita 586 1020cm
Casita 840 1090cm
Casita 860 1090cm
Casita 866 1090cm
Casita 868 1090cm

Capiro 520 960cm
Capiro 550 1030cm
Capiro 554 1025cm
Capiro 574 1010cm

Camino 550 1015cm
Camino 554 1015cm
Camino 660 1080cm
Camino 674 1080cm


Xplore 304 820cm
Xplore 422 860cm
Xplore 554 1015cm
Xplore 586 1015cm

Avante 454 975cm
Avante 550 1030cm
Avante 554 1025cm
Avante 586 1020cm
Avante 840 1090cm
Avante 860 1090cm
Avante 866 1090cm

Affinity 520 960cm
Affinity 550 1030cm
Affinity 554 1025cm
Affinity 574 1010cm

Crusader Aurora 1015cm
Crusader Mistral 1015cm
Crusader Zephyr 1080cm
Crusader Super Cyclone 1080cm
Crusader Storm 1080cm


Freecross Premium 330DL 790cm
Freecross Luxor 370DD 839cm


On Tour 390 836cm
On Tour 460 918cm
On Tour 470 929cm

Deluxe 400 SFe 855cm
Deluxe 440 SF 873cm
Deluxe 455 UF 907cm
Deluxe 460 UFe 922cm
Deluxe 460 LU/SFf 934cm
Deluxe 490 KMF 947cm
Deluxe 495 UL/WFB 971cm
Deluxe 515 UHK/UHL 1012cm
Deluxe 540 FU/UL 987cm
Deluxe 540 UFf 993cm
Deluxe 540 KMFe 1002cm
Deluxe 545 KMF 1002cm
Deluxe 560 KMFe 1013cm
Deluxe 650 KFU 1099cm

Prestige 495UL 971cm
Prestige 560 FC/LU/WLU 1012cm
Prestige 560 WFU 1016cm
Prestige 620 CL 1063cm
Prestige 650 WFC 1094cm 
Prestige 720 (all models) 1164cm

Premium 49UL 953cm
Premium 560 CFe/UL 994cm
Premium 650 (all models) 1075cm


Ariva 790cm

Quasar 462 910cm
Quasar 524 960cm
Quasar 544 1010cm
Quasar 574 1030cm

Stellar 880cm

Taurus 560 1040cm
Taurus 660 1090cm
Taurus 680 1090cm
Taurus 690 1090cm

Clubman CK 930cm
Clubman ES 1010cm
Clubman SB 1040cm
Clubman SI 1040cm
Clubman SR 1040cm

Delta TI 1090cm

Alaria TI 1090cm
Alaria FB 1090cm


Alpine 2 859m
Alpine 4 899cm
Major 4 SB 1008cm
Major 4 EB 1008cm
Major 6 985cm
Major 6 TD 1008cm
Quattro FB 1052cm
Quattro EW 1052cm

Sprite Super 

Quattro FB 1052cm
Quattro DB 1052cm
Quattro EB 1052cm


Eccles 480 932cm
Eccles 530 966cm
Eccles 560 1020cm
Eccles 580 1020cm
Eccles 645 1052cm
Eccles 650 1052cm

Eccles X 865 1020cm
Eccles X 880 1020cm
Eccles X 835 1052cm
Eccles X 850 1052cm

Challenger 480 932cm
Challenger 530 966cm
Challenger 560 1020cm
Challenger 580 1020cm
Challenger 645 1052cm
Challenger 650 1052cm

Challenger X 865 1020cm
Challenger X 880 1020cm
Challenger X 835 1052cm
Challenger X 850 1052cm

Elegance 480 904cm
Elegance 530 958cm
Elegance 560 1005cm
Elegance 565 1005cm
Elegance 580 1005cm
Elegance 645 1049cm
Elegance 650 1049cm

Elegance Grande 835 1049cm
Elegance Grande 845 1049cm
Elegance Grande 850 1049cm


V480 916cm
V520 950cm
V580 1010cm
V640 1050cm
V580 1010cm


CaraOne/Two 390QD 853cm
CaraOne/Two 400LK 853cm
CaraTwo 450 923cm
CaraTwo 500QDK 985cm
CaraOne 550UK 1021cm
CaraOne 740UDF 1199cm